Broken Hill to Fowlers Bay and the whales

We had a week in Broken Hill before making our way into South Australia along the Barrier Highway. We had decided to head for Peterborough where we would base ourselves for a week and use that time to explore this part of SA.

Peterborough is a great little town, still thriving unlike many of Australia’s country towns. It has a long rail history; in fact the Indian Pacific still goes through the town.,_South_Australia

Nearby is Terowie, it also has a long history with the railways, but unlike Peterborough the town has died. There does not appear to be a single business still operating in the main street. Terowie was the little town where General Douglas MacArthur made his well-known speech which included the phrase “I came out of Bataan, and I shall return” in March of 1942.,_South_Australia

We enjoyed our time in the area and after a week we moved on staying a couple of days in Port Augusta, then onto Haslam which is a tiny coastal village, and then finally through Ceduna onto Fowlers Bay where we wanted to go and to see the whales. Whales do come into Fowlers Bay where it is possible to take a charter boat out to see them, but for us we wanted to go to the Head of Bight. There is an observation platform out on the edge of the cliffs which gives a fantastic opportunity to watch the whales do what they do. This area is a breeding ground and nursery for the whales and there can be well over a hundred whales in the vicinity at any time. It’s also possible to take a scenic flight out over the Bunda Cliffs and coastline to observe the whales from a great height.

In Fowlers Bay we stayed at the Fowlers Bay Eco Park. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the park and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. There is no power or water supplied to this little town. The park electricity is from its own solar plant and is supplemented by diesel generator backup. Water comes from a soak. That is the fresh water is filtered through the nearby sand dunes where it is collected from the small lake of water close to the town.

The Fowlers Bay Conservation Park has beaches accessible by 2wd vehicles as well as some good off road and sand dune driving options as well.




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