Broken Hill NSW.

After our time in Jandowae we continued on our journey west staying overnight at St George and then onto Bollon. We had intended on staying in the Bollon area for a few days to explore the area, however a quick check on the weather site told us that plenty of rain was forecast. So rather than risk getting caught by flooding in the area we left and headed for Broken Hill.

At Broken Hill it’s possible to stay at the local racecourse which is what we did. There is a lot to see and do around Broken Hill one of which is a drive out to Silverton which is the area where the first Mad Max films were made. On the day we visited the museum was closed, but we did get to look in a couple of art galleries and check out the goal museum.,_New_South_Wales

Another attraction outside Broken Hill is the Living Desert and Sculptures Park, which is absolutely and definitely worth a visit. In town there are galleries and Art centres all worth having a look at. Now an interesting thing about Broken Hill, apart from being the town where BHP began, is that the entire city has been heritage listed. This is because of the many old buildings and remnants from the good old mining boom days. I am really bad at architectural photography so there is no

t much in the way of historical buildings represented in the portfolio for this posting.,_New_South_Wales





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  1. Liked the other site the photos downloaded to the phone! However just love getting the updates & pics 😀


    • Hello Laura, Thank you for your feedback and thank you for joining us on our journey. 

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