Jandowae Queensland, Australia

After quite a while not being on the road, Annie and I are back being Nomads again, lots of medical stuff done on the ageing body, and some much needed repairs and maintenance completed on our mobile penthouse.

After getting the truck serviced in Gympie we were set free to travel. Now the way we like to go is to have a general idea on an area where we will travel through the rest is reliant on serendipity. This is how we came across Jandowae in Queensland. Not too far from Kingaroy or Dalby, nice and small and very friendly.

We had intended on staying 2 or 3 days only but as luck would have it we had arrived just prior the biennial Jandowae Timbertown Festival, so a few days in Jandowae turned into a week.

Nearby Jandowae is Jimbour. Not a lot to this little town but there is an old homestead there that has quite a history and well worth a visit.




These links will give you plenty of information about both locations and the festival as it happened in 2016.

My advice, if you are ever in the area and looking for somewhere to stay then check out the Showground at Jandowae.

Hope you like the photos of Jandowae and Jimbour.

Jandowae Qld-7452

Timbertown street parade

I have a thing about old doors

I have a thing about old doors

Bull riding Jandowae Qld-7622

There is nothing dignified about the way they get off most of the time

Jandowae Qld-7418  Jandowae Qld-7413Jandowae Qld-7405   Bull riding Jandowae Qld-7621 Bull riding Jandowae Qld-7608 Jandowae Qld-7417Bull riding Jandowae Qld-7593 Athlone Cottage Jandowae Qld Timbertown street markets Old stables Jimbour veges for free Jimbour vege patch Jimbour Homestead-nice Jandowae Timbertown chainsaw cutting competition1 Jandowae Timbertown chainsaw cutting competition 2 Jandowae Qld-Barrel Racing 2 Jandowae Qld-Barrel Racing 1 Jandowae Qld-7652 Jandowae Qld-7650 Jandowae Qld-7646 Jandowae Qld-7458








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