Photo101 Day 4 Bliss

This is a photo of my wife Annie. We often spend time at a location like this. It could also be next to a waterfall, listening to a stream break over rocks, or in a rain forest listening to the trees.It doesn’t matter. Its all blissful and creates a feeling of peace. I have a saying that I like to sit and listen to the rocks grow. Anyway this beach is on the North Coast of NSW in Australia. Enjoy.

Nikon D610 ISO100 28mm lens f20 6.0sec

Northern NSW

My wife Anne being at peace in a state of bliss. Beside the sea is where she loves to be.


12 Comments on “Photo101 Day 4 Bliss

  1. Beautiful scene. The smallness of your wife in contrast to the vastness of the ocean makes for a wonderful photo. Really good!!


  2. Fantastic. I love the softness of the water from the long exposure.
    Did you maybe miss the caption part of today”s assignment?


    • Thank you. Regarding the caption Although I did write one and thought I had it sorted, I’m still a long way from figuring this whole blog thing out. It took me two days to figure out placing the badge on my home page. I will go back and have another look at the post and see if I can figure out how to edit it to add the caption. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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      • In the screen where you select the photo, before you insert it, there should be an edit (pencil) icon pop up on the picture if you hover your mouse over it. If you click that pencil, it should become obvious.
        Cheers and good luck!


  3. Beautiful photo taken in one of my favourite parts of the world 🙂


  4. Beautiful shot, the water capture is superb and your wife alone in the vastness of it all, works for me!


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