Hello fellow blogger.

This photo is of little creatures home. A moth or butterfly is yet to be determined. Anyway, it’s not as sharp as I would have liked because it is a hand held shot, off a ladder, in the rain. Unfortunately use of a tripod was out of the question, certainly with the gear I have anyway.

I shoot with a Nikon D610 Full Frame camera. It’s a new beast for me as I previously used an Olympus 4/3 camera.Chrysalis


4 Comments on “Chrysalis

  1. Glad all is ok we have been getting concerned we haven’t heard from you. Our best wishes Andy and Laura.


  2. That looks like a monarch butterfly chrysalis. Once I had the chance to take a series of photos as a monarch caterpillar formed one of these. I made a little book out of it for my daughter to take to school. It’s a weird process to watch!


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