Hello Family

Country scene, Woodenbong NSWWell I have finally entered the digital age and am now attempting to set up a blog. I am on a very steep learning curve so will be limiting the blog to family and friends at first. If I manage to get any good at blogging I will offer the site to an unsuspecting wider audience.

Anyway this is really my first go at writing something and sending it out.

The intent is that I will update the postings and through this try and keep you informed, and hopefully entertained sometimes.

Happy new year



3 Comments on “Hello Family

  1. Happy New year Jack and Annie to you and all your family from your Penguin connection Look forward to reading your exploits in your BLOG! you sure are clever to attempt it, but then you have more time than me!!. Audrey had a good time in Canberra over Christmas, and is back and raring to get going again. I had a busy time as the ship was in Christmas eve and I delivered a couple of meals on wheels on Christmas Day, after that everyone turned up for dinner and a good time was had by all, only problem was my car refused to go on Christmas eve so I had to borrow the Meals vehicle, but all is okay again now thank goodness. I am just taking a break with a cold drink at the moment as I am having to have my side fence replaced, so I have been painting the rails prior to Darrell putting them up, so I came to see if the ship’s schedule had arrived and found you blog instead a nice surprise, will look forward to reading more in the future, in the meantime, stay well and happy, fond regards, Judy.


  2. Hi jack and Annie, wow! Wonderful pictures . I love old Australia and the great architecture. Just started looking through so haven’t read much of your adventures but am very much looking forward to it šŸ˜Š. It’s going to bring back alot of memories for me. Especially the old hotels, I’ve stayed in alot of them over the years. Thankyou for inviting me in. Love you both xx oo


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